Taylorville police officer escapes close call during traffic stop


TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — It started as a typical roadside assistance call for Taylorville police officer Christian Nelson.

A driver was having car trouble on the side of a two lane road. While Nelson was helping the driver, a car coming down the hill behind nelson’s car drove over to the opposite shoulder, scraping by and barely missing oncoming traffic. 

Nelson said sadly, this is becoming all too familiar for law enforcement.

“There are a lot of people whose lives are at stake when we have to make these stops on these roadways, and you don’t know who that person may be,” Nelson said” 

Nelson immediately chased after the car. The driver came to a stop not far down the road. Her brakes weren’t working. She told Nelson she was waiting to get them fixed.

“The driver was very upset,” Nelson said. “There was no sort of impairment or anything like that going on. They were just upset. They had passengers in the vehicles, family members. It’s just a reminder to make sure your vehicle is in running order to be on the roads.”

The state increased penalties for violating Scott’s Law this year, and while no one was hurt this time,it was too close of a call for nelson.

“It’s not something you want to have to come to somebody’s door and say hey, because of an incident like this that happened, your loved one didn’t make it because of this,” Nelson said. 

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