ORLANDO, Fl. (WCIA) — A Taylorville native resides in Orlando in line of where Hurricane Ian is projected to attack.

Sydney Wolf, who is part of the Disney College Program, has been working at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom since August. Disney will close its parks on Wednesday and Thursday as Hurricane Ian is expected to advance to Category 4.

Wolf and other staff members were encouraged to keep all electronic devices charged, have supplies and snacks fully stocked and make sure all laundry is done.

“I am nervous since I don’t like storms as it is,” said Wolf, who works at the Seven Dwarves Mine Train attraction. “My roommate is helping me cope through all of this.”

Born and raised in Central Illinois, this is Wolf’s first experience with a hurricane.

“This isn’t anything I have ever had to deal with,” Wolf said. “I know my apartment building is safe, and I’ll be okay. This is still scary to think about.”

Wolf has loved Disney all of her life and is excited she’s able to work her dream job despite an upcoming hurricane in the area.

“The job is really fun,” Wolf said. “It’s intense no doubt, but it’s interesting and exciting too. It’s hard being away from everyone I love, but I do love having the opportunity to be here.”