Tax season officially starts!


NATIONAL — It’s the time of year many Americans dread. Starting Monday, tax season is officially underway.

There are some changes you might want to make note of. You have a few extra days to file your taxes this year. Traditionally, everything has to be filed by April 15, but since it falls on a Saturday and Monday, April 17, is Emancipation Day, you have until April 17 to get everything in.

Another thing to remember is you might not get your tax refund as soon as you’d like. It mainly applies to lower-income families who claim the Earned Income and Additional Child tax credits.

The IRS says it’s cracking down on tax fraud and, because of that, those families will probably have to wait a few extra weeks for refunds. Some parents say it puts a strain on their families.

The IRS says those returns will be delayed for more than 40 million Americans this year. They say the earliest those people could get their money is February 15, though added time for processing could push things back to the end of the month.

The IRS says, in 2013, nearly $6 billion went to identify thieves attempting tax fraud. In 2014, it was just more than $3 billion. Altogether, officials say they’ve blocked nearly $47 billion in fraudulent refunds during that time. 

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