CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A pattern is beginning to surface following several shootings in north Champaign.

A pair of parallel roads right off of I-74 has seemingly become a hotspot, particularly for drive-by shootings.

The latest, on N Market Street early Sunday morning, marked the sixth shooting to trace back to N Market Street or Prospect Avenue in the last seven months. All of the incidents happened within a couple of miles, and all but one of them were drive-bys.

At least one person was injured during each shooting dating back to late August. Two kids, a 9-year-old and a 15-year-old boy were among those hurt in the line of fire.

Approximate locations of six shootings on N Market and Prospect

In mid-October, a Champaign family ended up at the hospital after getting caught in the middle of two cars exchanging bullets on N Market Street near E Marketview Drive. Champaign police said two cars were chasing each other and eventually, the people inside started shooting at one another.

24-year-old Liam Gasser was shot in the head a couple of weeks later during what police called a “road rage incident” at a busy Prospect Avenue intersection. In January, Gasser took his first steps after his family was unsure if he would ever walk again.

Then in February, a shooting happened in the parking lot of Market Place Mall. 22-year-old Diamond Mitchell shot a 19-year-old in the leg after a fight over a pair of shoes, according to Champaign Police Lieutenant Ben Newell.

A late March shooting on I-74 marked the fifth incident in the area. State Police found a car that had crashed into a center median wall between the Prospect Avenue and Neil Street exits after it was struck by gunfire, according to a press release. Two people were taken to the hospital.