Take frequent breaks: physical therapists give tips for home to office transition


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — You may be moving back to the office for work and physical therapists want you to make sure your body is ready for the transition.

Employees at Athletico in Champaign say people may be used to sitting at their couch or on their bed.

But now, they need to get used to a property set up to prevent or reduce any injuries.

They suggest taking frequent breaks.

“Our body doesn’t like to be in one position for an extended period of time,” said Emily Pisani, a physical therapist at Athletico. “Our body likes to move and change positions. If there are tasks that you can do standing to take a break from sitting and vice versa, that’s very helpful.”

Therapists say there has been an increase in clients with jaw pain.

They say that can be caused by posture issues and even wearing masks.

That’s because people open their mouths wider while talking and in order to breathe more easily.

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