CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — On Friday, we learned more about what happened when a husband and wife in their 70s were shot in their own driveway in September. 

Neighbors have been waiting for answers for weeks.

On Friday, 27-year-old Kenichi Townsend was officially charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.

24-year-old Shamario Brown and 41-year-old Juvon Mays are also in custody. 

The shooting happened at Heritage Drive and Clayton Boulevard in Champaign on Sept. 8.

Police said with the help of surveillance cameras, they saw the couple’s Jeep pull into their driveway. Then, they saw a white SUV approach moments later. 

Police said two of the three suspects were seen getting out of the SUV, then back in it after the shooting. But, they said the 75 and 76-year-olds weren’t the intended targets. 

“Oshae Cotton is known to drive a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee,” Tom Bucher, the assistant state’s attorney, said. “Officers have received credible information that this defendant and defendant Shamario Brown were seeking to kill Oshae.” 

Cotton testified against Brown in a murder trial in 2016. Officers said Townsend and Brown were trying to kill him. 

Bucher said officers found evidence at the scene. 

“Twenty 9mm casings were recovered, and two 45 caliber casings were recovered,” he said. 

Police said they also found two bags of Circle K popcorn in the road. They traced it to a purchase the night before the shooting happened. 

Bucher said video shows Mays and Brown buying it. 

“The transaction was paid for using a SNAP government card. Records show the card returned to Brown, and they are seen leaving the Circle K with a white SUV,” Bucher said. 

He said Townsend’s finger prints are on the popcorn bags. 

His bond was set at $1 million. If convicted, he faces up to 55 years in prison. 

Juvon Mays was charged on Thursday, Brown hasn’t been charged yet, but he was caught in Northern Illinois.