(WCIA) – A recent study shows Illinois may be part of an “extreme heat belt” by 2053.

Non-profit First Street Foundation published the study, and a U of I expert said their findings are consistent with other climate change research.

The study shows a quarter of the U.S. could be affected by extreme temperatures within the next 30 years. Atmospheric Sciences Associate Professor Ryan Sriver said climate change is a global problem with significant local impacts.

“These heat extremes are going to be exacerbated. They’re going to really negatively impact urban areas because of all the concrete and the built infrastructure is just going to make the heat even worse. So putting in green infrastructure, more green in urban areas can certainly help,” Sriver said.

He said understanding how climate change will affect smaller communities is a challenge, and that this study is a good step in the right direction. Meteorologists say there’s still a lot to learn about the potential impact of rising temperatures.