SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – One high school is getting ready for Santa to come to town. Students in Lanphier High School’s Building and Trades program, which introduces students to the different unions in Springfield, began building a Santa house Wednesday.

O’Shea Builders and the Springfield Park District are helping students with the project.

Robert Handy, one of the teachers overseeing the project, said seeing the students working on the house is very fulfilling.

“This is probably the single most exciting day of my career, just because of the fact that these kids are learning something,” Handy said. “These kids have never done this before. So for me personally, … it really does make a big impact on my career, because I see the fruits of our labor with what the kids are doing out here.

Students taking part in the build were excited to start the project.

“I think it’s pretty cool that we get to build the Santa Claus house,” Donn Ellbass, one of the students working on the project, said. “It’s pretty fun learning new stuff, using new tools you never used before.”

“When it’s done, we can drive past and look at it like ‘Oh, we did that,’” Titus Doss, another student, said. “That feeling of accomplishment is nice.”

Once construction on the house finishes, Handy said they will put it on a trailer. The house will look like a cottage and have a fireplace.

He said he expects the build will be completed by Thanksgiving and it’ll be featured in Springfield’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.