SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – Sangamon County high school students have given their community a splash of color. 

Students from eight high schools came together the first week of August to paint a 40-foot mural on the courtyard wall at Southeast High School. The mural is supported by the Sangamon County mural advisory committee and Springfield Art Association.

The mural’s design includes the word ‘growth’ over native Illinois flowers. 

“I picked the word ‘growth’ that has a double meaning,” Danielle Mastrion, the artist who designed the mural, said. “While the kids are in high school, they will experience a lot of growth both academically and socially – and it also is the literal meaning of the native flowers that grow in Illinois.”

Southeast High School’s principal said that his students will enjoy the new art on their building.

“I know my students, when they return at the end of the month, they’re going to be kind of shocked to see the change to their courtyard,” Cody Trigg, Southeast High School principal, said. “And I couldn’t be more happy to be able to provide that through the work that these young adults have done for us this week.”

Mastrion has been hired to paint a larger, similar mural at Springfield’s transportation hub in spring 2023.