CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s that time of year again. College students have moved back in, and that means dumpsters around the U of I are overflowing.

The City of Champaign said it’s an issue they see every year, but they are making changes this year.

Right now, the Neighborhood Code Compliance Staff are increasing enforcement in the campus area. Property owners are given 48 hours to deal to with overflowing dumpsters and they are given 24 hours for trash that is on the street.

If the garbage isn’t removed during that time, property owners will be charged for the removal plus a $100 fee.

City officials said that while this is an issue that they see every year, it’s an issue that is avoidable.

“Definitely I think breaking down boxes, first of all, and then trying to put the boxes in recycling,” said Compliance Manager Tim Spears. “We have a recycling coordinator for the city so the property manager can request extra recycling pick-ups to help alleviate some of the garbage issues.”

Spears added that Champaign is working with property managers to get the dumpster areas cleaned up as soon as possible.