CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — Two students share the moments after hearing there was a shooting in Campustown.

“It was definitely just kind of scary, I would say. My heart dropped for a little bit,” Maya Cornejo, a student at the U of I said. She was near the area of Saturday morning’s shooting at Third and Green in Champaign. 

Police responded to the scene where two 24-year-old Danville men were shot.

Cornejo and her friend Maya O’Neill were walking home on Third Street when they saw people running toward them. Cornejo said she also saw police cars and ambulances. 

“We were freaking out because we hadn’t gotten an Illini Alert yet or anything. Then within the minute of seeing all these people running we saw that there were shots fired over there,” O’Neill said. 

Red Lion is at the Third and Green intersection. Scott Cochrane, the owner, said the fight started across the street from the bar in a parking lot. He described it as a mob. 

Cochrane said the group of people moved across the street outside of Red Lion near the beer garden. He said the fight stayed outside of the building on the street and sidewalk.

Cornejo and O’Neill walked in the opposite direction toward safety. They did not return to the area until the final Illini Alert of the night was sent out.

O’Neill said while everything is shocking, it didn’t surprise her. 

“The sad reality is that like people knew to run. That’s just the kind of world we live in,” she said. 

Cornejo said her emotions were running high and it was a scary situation. 

“It’s not an area you ever want to have to be around. It’s not something you ever want to see or notice,” Cornejo said. 

Both students are glad that they had somewhere to go, and they said they’re thankful for the Illini Alerts for keeping them informed. 

Cochrane said he has talked to Champaign’s mayor and wants to add more safety precautions. He said he wants to help the city, students and even himself. 

He hopes to add license plate readers and more security cameras. Right now, he said Red Lion has 35-40 security cameras. He wants to increase that number to at least 60. Nearby Kams has 60 cameras.

Cochrane also wants to see more vehicle checks on campus. He thinks by randomly checking cars, crime could be reduced. 

He said for worried parents at home, he wants to make it as safe as possible.