Student accuses employee of sexual harassment


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A student worker at a University of Illinois computer lab says a full-time employee sexually harassed her. It happened last week.

The student claims he was working when the employee came up behind her and brushed his hand on their shoulder. Then the person whispered, “Don’t be scared”.

When the student reported it, she says it was implied this was not the first time it’s happened. The victim’s boyfriend says he confronted the worker and recorded it, but the person acted like what he did wasn’t a big deal.

“If we were to reenact this, like, if I was to just come up behind you, you’re aware, and I just whisper, ‘Don’t be scared’ does that not invoke the exact opposite? Especially someone that’s not supposed to be touching you. You’re in your workplace. This isn’t okay,” said the victim’s boyfriend Tunde Odulate.

The university released a statement about what happened. It reads:
“We don’t discuss pending personnel matters, but the person who created the videotape may have misrepresented himself as a university official, so we will be looking into that allegation as well.”

The victim and Odulate met with attorneys today. They’re working to decide how to move forward.

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