ALABAMA (WCIA) — A dog that was stolen from Piatt County last week has been found.

John Hannah of Mansfield said his Goldendoodle Tess was found in Alabama along with the person who stole his car with Tess inside. The two were walking along the side of an interstate when authorities picked them up.

Hannah added that Tess still had her identification tags on her when she was found, which enabled the Alabama Humane Society to contact Piatt County’s branch of the organization.

Hannah’s Lincoln Navigator was stolen on Feb. 8, starting a search for the car and Tess that lasted almost a week. The Navigator was found in Nashville, Tenn. the day after it was stolen, but Tess was not inside the car when it was found.

After several more days, Hannah finally got the news he had been hoping for: that Tess was found alive. He is currently making the 13-hour drive to Alabama to pick her up.