SHELBY COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A judge recently found a Stewardson man guilty of several crimes on Monday following a bench trial in Shelby County.

Judge Amanda Ade-Harlow found Chance Evans, 23, guilty of three crimes: attempted murder with a firearm, aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He faces up to 70 years in prison on these charges.

The charges stemmed from an incident on April 12 where prosecutors said Evans attempted to kill a man who he had a longstanding dispute with. Evans and his girlfriend encountered the man at a gas station on Route 32 in Stewardson; Evans and the victim exchanged hostile words before the victim left to go fishing in Shelbyville with his own girlfriend and two children.

Prosecutors said that Evans, traveling as a passenger in his girlfriend’s SUV, directed his girlfriend to follow the victim onto Route 32 and onto Mode Road. Evans’ girlfriend pulled up to the victim’s car at which point Evans and the victim started yelling at each other again. When the victim threw a beverage at Evans’ car, prosecutors said Evans grabbed a .38 caliber pistol and fired a shot at the victim; it missed by inches, shattering part of the windshield and lodging in the car’s A-pillar.

Evans and his girlfriend fled the scene but were arrested later that night. A box of .38 caliber ammunition was found in their car, but the gun itself was never recovered.

Prosecutors said a witness driving on Mode Road saw the shooting and called police to report her observation. Her testimony corroborated testimony that was given by the victim, his girlfriend, and Evans’ girlfriend.

Evans will be sentenced on Jan. 5. He will be required to serve 85% of his attempted murder sentence.