DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — STEP RECOVERY is at a new location. STEP RECOVERY is an organization that has the mission of helping substance abusers find freedom and a new way of life.

The recovery center holds narcotics meetings every night. The center opened up six months ago.

Founder of STEP recovery, Wendy Lambert, said they needed a new location because they were running out of space. The new site is at 2500 Georgetown Road, which used to be the Concept College Building.

Lambert said the new location is perfect. “We took it because it was bigger than we had. After moving to the first location, we gave it six months and kept growing. The price was right, the location was right, and we tried several other buildings, but they were not big enough, and the location was not right.”

The building has many amenities, “We have washers and dryers on the property, able to accommodate the homeless with that.” They also have a small food pantry to assist people in emergencies.

They have computers lined up to help people write resumes and apply for jobs online. Lambert said they give rides to people for treatment and meetings. They have a recreation room open daily for people to come and hang out.

There is also a group at the center specifically for veterans. “These guys need to feel safe enough to feel what they need to feel to talk about the things they need to talk about without anyone hearing or recording them,” Lambert said.

The center provides wellness workshops as well as help with financial skills and parenting.

“We hit the ground running. When we moved in, we had our first meeting that night.” Lambert said, adding, “This is what we needed, was a place of our own.”

They have functions, cookouts, and dances. There are sinks available for them to help people wash their hair and do their hair and nails. They also provide shoes for those in need and food.

They hosted an open house on Saturday at 10 a.m.

For more information on the program, visit https://www.facebook.com/STEPRecoveryCenter/.