Staying safe while in the heat


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s hard not to notice the heat this week and it’s sticking around for a few days. Now imagine .working out or working all day in the scorching sun.

“Because of the heat we’ve had to change up our schedule a little bit. I kind of anticipated it so I kind of had to switch it last week and even this morning it was still kind of brutal in this heat right now,” Tim Tuner, Central Football Coach, said.

Football and other sports practices have started, but while the athletes are ready to play, they also have to be wary of the heat.

“Its imperative they’re able to get drinks when they feel thirsty so I try to balance that between a kid that’s just a little bit tired, that wants to get an extra drink, and a kid that needs an extra drink,” Coach Turner said.

Central’s football coach in Champaign changed his practice times from the evenings to 8:00 a.m. – 11 a.m. to try and avoid the heat. He also says a trainer is monitoring the players and making sure they don’t show an signs of over heating.

“We’ve got a trainer that’s out here everyday with us and they’re providing hydration and making sure I have towels with ice and things like that out here for them, so that’s been very helpful,” Coach Turner said.

Meanwhile, other workers are having to stay safe while working in the sun.

“Just making sure our guys have a ton of water, a lot of ice cold water. Making sure they’re taking breaks throughout the day more than normal, finding shade hopefully when they can,” Isaac Ambrose, Rector Construction, said.

Rector Construction is making sure their employees are careful because they know how dangerous the heat can be.

“Letting our guys know, hey if you’re feeling too hot and get a little overwhelmed with the sun, just take a little bit extra break, go get into the shade, and just definitely make sure to stay hydrated,” Ambrose said.

For more information on over heating and heat stroke, check out the link below.

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