State’s attorney rules officer shooting justified


VERMILION COUNTY — The Vermilion County State’s Attorney says an officer involved in a 2016 shooting was justified.  

December 13, police were called to a home in the 2500-block of Georgetown Road, just outside Tilton. Police say there was domestic disturbance involving a father and son.

The son, Caleb Emory, 22, who was threatening to set the home on fire, barricaded himself inside the home and would not drop what officers believed to be a gun.

When Emory walked out of the home, he held a sickle, a curved farming tool and a gun. He shouted to police “Are you guys ready to die.”

He then when back into the house and pointed his gun at officers through a window. That’s when both Sergeant Damilano and Deputy Janesky fired at him. A total of six rounds were fired by Damilano and Emory was hit in the face.

When officers went into the home to give aid, the sickle fell on top of them, and smoke could be seen. The state’s attorney says this was part of an “apparent hidden trap.” Emory then left the home and surrendered. 

Investigators determined the gun was a silver-colored pellet gun, made to look like a real weapon. Emory is charged with residential arson and was ordered to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing March 27.

The state’s attorney ruled Sgt. Damilano was justified in using deadly force. No criminal charges will be filed.

This is the second time Emory has been involved in a standoff with police. The first time was in 2013, at the same home.

That time, Emory was also shot in the face. He pleaded guilty to reckless discharge of a firearm. He was given probation.  

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