State workers to receive millions in back pay


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Nearly 50,000 state employees will soon get the money they’ve waited on for two years. They’re all home health care workers.

It’s all back pay. For about 28,000 of those employees, a $0.48 raise was approved in August 2017. In April of this year, they got that raise, but it didn’t include the back pay. That raise was something they’d already negotiated with the state.

“The pay and the working conditions of anybody who’s helping take care of us, whether it’s in a hospital or nursing home or personal assistant so that we can remain in our homes and in the community, those workers are really affected… their ability to work well is really affected by working conditions and pay,” said Champaign County Health Care Consumers Executive Director Laudia Lennhoff.

That money totals around $30.7 million dollars. It’s expected to be paid on Friday.

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