State workers to be paid on time


ILLINOIS — Nearly 600 state workers are breathing easier with Friday’s paychecks on the way. 

Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office says direct deposit transactions are already being processed for this Friday’s payday. 

Republicans in the Capitol warn future paychecks might still be in doubt, and admit this week’s court ruling may have had it’s intended effect. 

Senator Dale Righter says, “I do think it will light a fire under certain people who maybe weren’t properly motivated in the first place.”

House Republicans are now pushing a new bill that promises to pay state government workers regardless of whether or not there is a full budget, including them in the same category with legislators and judges. 

Representing Illinois’ 99th district, Sara Wojcicki Jimenez says, “The Attorney General is going through the court system and has now filed with the Supreme Court a motion that would deny all state workers their paychecks. The reason she’s doing that is because she’s saying without a state budget, the state workers should not be paid.”

The comptroller’s office says this Friday’s payroll going out is worth $2.2 million. 

Governor Rauner is now appealing the court ruling that granted Mendoza independent discretion over which account to pay government employees. 


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