State wants to cut medical procedure approval wait time


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — There’s a new plan to cut down the waiting period for patients to receive treatments or medicine.

Lawmakers have a bill that would limit the time insurance providers have to decide whether or not to cover something. They want to make it 24 hours for urgent care, and 48 hours for non-urgent care.

Those needing care can sometimes wait weeks to hear if their medicine or procedure will be approved. That can also cause a delay in other treatments.

“When trying to get an MRI, you wait weeks and weeks, it can take weeks and weeks to be approved, and sometimes you don’t get approved,” said Isabella McKenna, Frankfort. “And for more serious medications and expensive medications, there is a very long waiting period that affects my treatment.”

The bill doesn’t require providers to automatically authorize treatments. They can still choose to deny them.

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