State securing integrity of election


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The state is taking historic steps to secure one of the most historic elections.

For the first time, the National Guard is collaborating with the FBI and Homeland Security to make sure each vote counts. After the 2016 election hack, state officials say they’re leaving no area unchecked.

With more than one million people having voted, there have not been any issues or threats so far, but officials are working around the clock monitoring election software to make sure the hacking of 2016 doesn’t happen again.

As many know, Illinois was the first state to detect a cyber-threat during the presidential election. Hackers attempted, but failed, to get private voter information.

Since then, the federal government has invested millions of dollars to update the state’s security. National Guard troops will work with the FBI and others to spot abnormalities.

If there is a security breach, officials will shut the system down and go to the impacted election site to secure the threat. If the National Guard has to shut down a system, its mission is to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

It’s important to note, some election offices are more vulnerable than others. Any site still using paper ballots or not hooked up to the internet is inevitably more secure.

Bottom line: Election officials say anyone worried about the safety of ballots shouldn’t be. They want everyone to show up and cast a vote because they’re working hard to ensure it will count.

Illinois State Board of Election numbers emphasize the historic nature of this election. The early voter tally as of 10 am Monday shows 1.15 million people. It well surpasses 2014 numbers and is inching closer to early voting numbers for the 2016 presidential race which was 1.9 million.

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