State police look to upgrade FOID system


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR)– State police announced they are working to improve their Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) application and renewal system, but some card holders are still skeptical.

State Police said the improvements will include a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solution that will upgrade the call center. They said the new technology will allow people to complete their applications without speaking to an agent and request a callback from the agency without waiting on the line for long periods of time. Viewers told us about their own experiences with long wait times and delayed FOID renewals after last month’s story.

We caught up with one FOID owner who said upgrades are good but he thinks more personnel would be better. “Pay somebody to answer the stinking phone. Do not have this thing that says, ‘Your call is very important to us, but we are experiencing higher call volumes. Please call back later.’ at 8 o clock in the morning when your office opens? And then never, ever answer the phone,” said Phil Davis of Springfield.

Right now, State Police said there are 62,000 FOID applications, renewals and updates under review. The agency said the upgrades should be complete by the spring. Frustrated FOID card owners hope those changes yield better results for them.

State Police has 60 business days to process your FOID renewal application and 30 days to process a new or replacement FOID card.

Until improvements in the call center are completed, State Police are offering four methods of assistance with FOID/Concealed carry license (CCL) related issues. Applicants can call (217) 782-7980 or visit the FOID portal on their website. Video tutorials are available here. You can also email the FSB at where a customer service agent can provide assistance.

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