State now sharing vaccination data for long term care facilities


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The number of COVID cases in long term care facilities is rising again, and vaccination rates at these facilities have levelled off — mainly among staff. Governor Pritzker is calling it a major problem.

“Many of the long term care facilities, employees have themselves, not been vaccinated, they run the risk of carrying the virus into work with them, and then it’s the residents who are ending up seriously sick hospitalized or worse,” Pritzker said.

The Department of Public Health launched a new website that tracks vaccination rates in long term care facilities in the state. That data shows clark-lindsey village in urbana has the highest vaccination rates for staff and residents in the county. They actually required staff to get their shots by august first after very single one of their residents chose to get the vaccine.

“Our residents are telling us that it’s important to be vaccinated, and if we’re working in their homes every day, then we need to be vaccinated,” Karen Blatzer with Clark Lindsey Village said.

Blatzer says it’s a good idea to show that data

“I think the information on this website that is provided to all of us is very important, because people who have loved ones and licensed facilities need to know if that facility is taking the necessary precautions to keep them safe,” Blatzer said.

In just over two weeks at the end of july, the number of cases in nursing homes jumped from 30 to 82, and the number of cases in long term care facilities has been split evenly between staff and residents.

“Your workers are on the frontlines of protecting 1000s of our elderly loved ones, but across the state staff vaccination rates are dramatically lower than those of your residents at a troubling number of ship,” Pritzker said.

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