CHICAGO (WCIA) — State Police are investigating mob action in Chicago that occurred around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

An ISP trooper noticed congestion on the exit ramp off of I-90 with traffic on Division stopped.

At the intersection of Division and Elston, the State Trooper found that several vehicles blocked the intersection, and people engaged in reckless driving stunts. During the time officials report that around 100 people swarmed the ISP trooper’s vehicle. They jumped on the hood, broke the windshield, kicked the vehicle, and threw rocks, bricks, and fireworks.

The news release from ISP states, “This type of dangerous behavior puts the general public at risk and will not be tolerated. ISP is fully investigating this incident, including deploying crime scene evidence technicians. If you have any information the ISP says to contact the ISP District Chicago office at 874-294-4400.”

Adding, “If you see this type of behavior, immediately leave the area and contact law enforcement.”

This is an ongoing investigation with no further information available.

A video provided by ISP is available here.