ILLINOIS (WMBD) — According to a study by Forbes, Illinois ranks 29th when it comes to healthcare.

In a recent Harris Poll survey, 70% of adults said the healthcare system in America is failing to meet their needs in at least one way, Forbes said.

Illinois is in the middle with an overall score of 46.98 out of 100. The study measured 24 metrics in four different categories: healthcare access, healthcare outcomes, healthcare cost, and quality hospital care. The score in each category is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the worst.

The state scored 40.10 in the healthcare access score, 51.15 in the health outcomes score, 54.40 in the quality of hospital care score, and 60.60 in the healthcare cost score. It is 28th in the nation when it comes to health care costs.

Illinois residents are said to typically have an average annual premium of $1,746 when they have single coverage through employer-provided health insurance.

Illinois has 18.79 primary care physicians per 10,000 residents. There are only four states with a higher ratio: New York (22.8), Pennsylvania (20.34), Michigan (20.17), and Maryland (18.92).

Minnesota was found to have the best overall healthcare in the country, and Georgia was found to have the worst.

Forbes also looked at all 50 states together with the same metrics. The country scored 46.5 points when it came to healthcare access, 24 in healthcare outcomes, 15 in healthcare cost, and 14.5 in quality of hospital care.

The study stated that health insurance plays a major role in making sure people have access to the best quality healthcare in the United States, as it serves as a financial safety net.