ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — Christmas lights will hang on a village tree in St. Joseph this winter, thanks to a fifth-grade girl.

Dressed in Christmas gear to boot, ten-year-old Lana Schott convinced an entire village board that St. Joseph needed its own tree for Christmas this past July. “She is thoughtful and walked up to them with courage and Christmas spirit,” said her mother, Rachael Schott.

“She thought it would be so nice with a tree that whenever you drove past it, you would get Christmas joy or Christmas cheer,” said Rachael.

Lana made posters to present the best locations for a village Christmas tree to the board. Her mother added that Lana even sold lemonade and baked goods to help cover the cost. “She has been planning it for a really long time,” said her mother.

All Lana’s efforts paid off. Her mother said the board accepted Lana’s plea with glee, “They were so kind; it did not take a lot of talking into; they loved it.”

Village board member Jim Wagner and community member Todd Adams are donating the tree. “We will be able to plant the tree in our community after the holiday season and watch it grow,” said Racheal.

Rachael spoke with such joy about her daughter. “She is going to be somebody. She is a thoughtful, kind kid, and that, more than anything, makes me proud. She just wants someone else to experience that, and she just loves Christmas.”

Lana’s wish to spread cheer will come to life at 5 p.m. on Dec. 3 at the lighting of the village tree. The tree will be placed by the village fire station, making it the first thing visitors see when arriving in St. Joseph.