SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow wants the city to embrace technology.
It’s why he came back to city council for yet another big ask: Money for license plate readers.

It’s a no brainer to go with the technology, you have to embrace the technology.

And city council is embracing it. Members approved the readers for intersections across town. The total bill will be just over 200 thousand dollars per year for 2 years.

That, paired with the city’s ShotSpotter contract, comes out to 400 thousand dollars per year for these tools for the department.

“It works,” Winslow said. “And we tie all these technologies together, you get to show how to you know work to have the interrelating and work together. And that’s what we see LPR we see ShotSpotter as an augment, and I’m one it’s not meant to replace cop diamond one, it’s only in less than a 10th of our community.”

Some of the alderman were skeptical of the price tag. Others about if whether this technology could invade people’s privacy. but they all eventually voted yes.

“You know, we saving lives and things like that, I can’t consider cost saving,”

Winslow’s department is down dozens of officers. He views the technology as a way to compensate at least a bit for that gap.

“Right now we’re robbing peter to pay Paul just to maintain basic services, and continue to provide a good quality service for community,” Winslow said. “This is a force multiplier.”