PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– A 2023 study conducted by SmartAsset to determine the highest real estate taxes in America showed some surprising results for Central Illinois.

The study shows that while real estate taxes can be over $10,000 for homes in California, the taxes paid in Illinois are significantly higher when compared to median home values.

Of the top 20, seven are located in Illinois, the highest of any other state. Springfield is 16th in the list, with homeowners paying an average of 2.16% of their home’s value in real estate taxes. Peoria is another Central Illinois city that made the top ranks, and Rockford took the number one spot.

A full list can be found below:

RankCityMedian Real
Estate Taxes
Home Value
Percent of
Home Value
1Rockford, IL$3,283$107,9003.04%
2Waterbury, CT$5,324$193,3002.75%
3Bridgeport, CT$6,130$229,9002.67%
4Aurora, IL$6,128$235,8002.60%
5Elgin, IL$6,194$244,9002.53%
6Rochester, NY$2,806$112,0002.51%
7Syracuse, NY$3,026$125,6002.41%
8Peoria, IL$3,402$143,5002.37%
9Lansing, MI$2,597$112,1002.32%
10Pearland, TX$7,247$313,2002.31%
11Joliet, IL$5,320$230,9002.30%
12El Paso, TX$3,795$164,8002.30%
13Edinburg, TX$3,491$152,9002.28%
14Newark, NJ$7,551$331,9002.28%
15Hartford, CT$3,962$174,3002.27%
16Springfield, IL$3,152$146,1002.16%
17Milwaukee, WI$3,469$166,1002.09%
18Brownsville, TX$2,699$130,0002.08%
19San Antonio, TX$4,486$220,4002.04%
20Naperville, IL$9,457$466,1002.03%