SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield Police want to make the public aware of a recent scam.

Officers said phone calls have been received at several businesses throughout Springfield where a caller tells the employees they need to take money from a cash drawer or safe and deposit it into a bitcoin account or purchase gift cards.

According to police, on more than one occasion, the incoming number has appeared as the non-emergency line for the Springfield Police Department. This is a spoofing technique commonly used by scammers. Other scam callers claim to be from the corporate office of the business they are trying to scam.

Officers stated, “please be aware that scammers are becoming increasingly more complex. The Springfield Police Department would never call a resident or business and instruct them to remove money from their business or home, purchase gift cards or deposit money into a bitcoin account.”

Anyone with information regarding this crime or any other crimes is encouraged to call the Springfield Police Department at 217-788-8325 or the Sangamon/Menard County Crime Stoppers at 217-788-8427.