SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Springfield Police Department recently recognized 11 of its officers for their actions during an encounter with an armed man threatening suicide.

Springfield Police officials said officers were called about an armed individual on Oct. 20. When they responded, they encountered a man armed with a gun who threatened to kill himself. The officers tried with no success to talk to the man, who retreated inside his home.

Officials added that the man existed the home with a rifle a short time later and fired two shots into the driveway before continuing to walk out into the street with the gun. Officers were eventually able to convince the man to drop the rifle and he was safely taken into custody.

The officers involved in this incident were given Certificates of Commendation by Chief Ken Scarlette for their work during the encounter.

“Throughout the incident all officers remained calm and worked together efficiently,” the department said on its Facebook account. “Each SPD member on scene showed patience, restraint, and empathy towards the suicidal subject while simultaneously putting themselves in harm’s way to protect bystanders. These attributes not only led to the peaceful resolution of this incident, but also reflect the highest standards and great training of the Springfield Police Department.”