Vaping ban in public spaces could be on the way


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The City Council is set to ban vaping from Public spaces next week.

The ban would operate in all the same places that cigarettes and other tobacco products are banned.

Alderman Jim Donelan proposed the Ordinance, hoping to lower people’s exposure to second hand vape.

The vote will come days after reports of the first vape related death in the nation, and it happened in Illinois. But this ordinance has been in the works for months.

“I am really, primarily looking out for the individuals who are not choosing to vape presently who have to inhale it because people are around them,” Donelan said.

Some Springfield residents support the ban.

Others felt that it was an over reaction.

“I think people just don’t like vaping, and so they want to stop it,” Sarah Pavlik of Springfield said. “But not liking something is not a legally sufficient reason to ban it.”

“I think we have to be courteous of other people,” said Mikki Brown. “If you decide to vape, you have the right to do that. But in a public area, where they are in enclosed, they have the right to say, I don’t want to be exposed to that.”

A state-wide ban moved through the Capitol earlier this year, but it ultimately was not passed.

Alderman Jim Donelan took up the initiative after the state wide version failed.

“I think we are finding out and the studies have shown that it is harmful,” Donelan said. “It is less regulated than Tobacco was even (when it was banned). And of course we know a lot more about Tobacco then we did 10 years ago. But I think we are going to find out in the end that vaping is bad.”

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