Springfield firefighters return to work


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield fire Chief Allen Reyne tells me that there are still 33 people from his staff in isolation following the outbreak. That is still a lot, but it is a big improvement from the 79 that were in isolation as early as last night.

All of the staff that are out of isolation tested negative. The Sangamon County Public Health department sent over some rapid tests, which are helping the department keep the department under control. Reyne was one of the ones who tested positive a few weeks ago. He says that the way the virus crippled the fire department should be a warning for the public as much as it was for his team.

“That’s what we are asking people to do now. Is to control the spread again, because we don’t want to do to the hospitals what we have done to the fire department,” Reyne said. “We overwhelmed the fire department. We do not want to do the same to our hospitals.”

Reyne also says that the two engines that were shut down will be back up and running tonight.
The 33 members of the department still under quarantine are still being monitored.
And Reyne was just cleared to leave isolation today.

The fire department is responsible for enforcing some of the city’s COVID rules. The city fire department, police department, and county health department are all monitoring local restaurants to ensure they are following the dining ban. Four restaurants were already cited yesterday, for breaking the indoor dining ban.

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