Springfield annexes property into the city


The Springfield City Council voted unanimously to expand the cities boundaries and fill gaps in the city limits by annexing 51 acres of unincorporated territory..

For residents and business owners in the newly annexed areas, that means an increase in some taxes in exchange for city services.

For Sangamon County, it means a little less revenue, while the city of springfield makes a little more.

“Those people that lived in those 51 acres used to be counted in the census for Sangamon County’s distribution for the income tax, now they will go in the city,” Brian McFadden, Sangamon COunty Administrator, said. “Those people now go in the city’s column and out of the county’s.

Law enforcement in the area will eventually change, too. The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office will continue to answer 9-1-1 calls from the area until the emergency system is changed. Then, city police will take over patrols.

Sheriff Jack Campbell said that process could take a while. Until then, his office will be keeping up their standard patrols.

“Speaking to the 9-1-1 office, they are telling me this is going to be a very lengthy process to upload all of the new address information and layer it into the computer so the computer can then dispatch the proper entity to that area,” Campbell said.

Before the council took the vote, they heard from several citizens who were upset that they had no say in the process. Many complained about the increased taxes they would have to pay. But Alderman Doris Turner said that the changes would end up being good for the people in those areas.

“Changes aren’t going to happen over night,” Turner said. “It is going to be a process. So let’s just take advantage of the opportunities the city has with regard to resources, but everybody take the opportunity to be educated about the process and what it all means.”

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