DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A popular sports team in Vermilion County says it’s facing an uncertain future.

The David S. Palmer Arena is home to the Danville Dashers. The hockey team has had a longstanding history in the Danville community since the 80s.

The Dashers’ team manager and several former Palmer employees say arena manager Joe Dunagan asked the Palmer board of directors to terminate the Dashers’ contract.

The team manager says she asked for a reason behind the request, but did no receive a clear response.

Former arena employee Kim Baxter says this comes after Dunagan wrongfully fired her and one other longstanding worker in January. The incident is partly described in public notes from the board of directors’ monthly meeting.

Baxter says she’s been a Danville Dashers fan for years, and the team’s potential termination would mean a big loss for the community.

“A lot of broken hearts for sure. The Dashers are the core of the civic center…of the arena. Without them, I don’t know what else could keep it going. Danville doesn’t have a lot, and the arena brings in…hockey [fans],” says Baxter.

We reached out to the general manager of the Palmer Arena to ask him for more information about why the contract is in question. He declined to comment.