Spending plan passed


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A spending plan passed in the Illinois House.

15 Republicans broke ranks with the governor to pass a permanent tax increase. That came after a tense afternoon where a deal seemed unlikely at first. 

“If we’re successful this time, i can guarantee you there won’t be an appetite to do it again for not in my lifetime probably,” says Rep. Will Davis (D) of Hazel Crest. 

“I would say it is a setback in the negotiations and the reforms and bringing an end to this impasse,” says Leader Jim Durkin (R) of Burr Ridge.

Just hours later, enough Republicans reversed course to join Democrats and build a veto-proof majority.

Governor Rauner threatened to “veto” the bill, calling it the “largest tax hike in history.”

The average household in Illinois would pay an extra $715 a year under this new proposal.

This weekend Speaker Madigan (D) sent a letter to the credit ratings agencies asking for more time to reach a deal before they do that.

They haven’t publicly responded. Saturday, Leader Christine Radogno (R) called the letters a stunt designed as a “political cover.”

The spending plan and the tax bill will now head to the senate.members there are scheduled to return to Springfield.

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