Special dogs need your help


DECATUR — When you’re looking for the perfect puppy, lets be honest, cuteness plays a factor.  But the way a dog looks doesn’t always tell the whole story. 

“People look at some of our pets, like Hartley, and maybe feel sad,” said Jeni Hudson.  She’s the founder of Hudson’s Halfway Home. 

“We take in puppies that would generally be euthanized,” said Hudson. 

For things like cleft palate, deformities or neurological disorders. 
“Typically they aren’t given a chance and we try to give them that chance at life,” said Hudson. 
A life that may seem different and sometimes hard but that’s only at first glance.
“Hartley doesn’t feel sad for herself at all.  Hartley enjoys her life, she plays with the other dogs, she eats, drinks.  She’s a normal dog to us,” said Hudson. 
Hartley has a costly vet appointment coming up and Hudson’s needs your help.  That’s because they rely on donations.  To pitch in to their efforts, check out one of the links below. 
Or send donations to:
Hudson’s Halfway Home
PO Box 288
Decatur, IL 62522

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