Space and services growing


DANVILLE — More space and more services are on the way for the Fair Oaks Housing Complex.

This line of units used to be homes for people living in Fair Oaks. Now, it serves as a strip of social service agencies.

“We feel there can be more involvement if it’s right here close by where people live.”

One of those is the Hope Center. It’s run by Connexion Church. Outreach coordinator Nathan Lenstra says over the last decade he’s seen a change. Each week more than forty people use their services.

“It helps bring about reconciliation between different areas of our community, different ethnic groups, maybe different socio-economic classes.” 

Lenstra and many others offer services to people of all ages. He says, over the years, they’ve needed more room. Recently the housing authority granted their wish.

“It’s more inviting and friendly. Just looks sharp and fresh.” 

Over the years, Lenstra has met many people looking for a change in their lives. Myron Cobb started attending the services when he was 15.

“It definitely changed the course of my life. Like, the path I was heading down, wasn’t the path I needed to be on.” 

Cobb says he’s grateful for what Lenstra has done for his life.

“Once I found that group, they straightened me out.” 

The church is taking donations for the renovation.

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