Some Democrats to cast ballots, again


URBANA — Compared to the presidential election, this voting experience should be a breeze.  

There are four candidates running for mayor and you can start narrowing it down now. Early voting began Thursday for the Democratic Mayoral Primary.

It’s a small, but important race. The Champaign County Clerk’s Office only expects a few thousand people to turn out. A lot of it is because you can only vote if you’re a registered Democrat living in Urbana.

Gordy Hulten says it’s important to turn out because there are three Democratic candidates. The vote will determine who will be up against Republican Rex Bradfield.

Hulten says, regardless of how many people come to cast votes, it will be a quick and painless experience.

The question of who should be the Democratic candidate for mayor will be the only question on the ballot this time around.

The three candidates are incumbent Mayor Laurel Prussing, Alderwoman Diane Marlin and Pastor Evelyn Underwood.

The mayoral primary is February 28. The Urbana mayor will be determined after the Champaign County Municipal Government Election on April 4.

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