SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) – It was 3-years-ago when Boy Scouts of America changed its name to Scouts BSA and opened the doors for girls to join.

One of those girls is from Our Town Savoy. Not only did she become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Scouts, she’s the first girl from Savoy to do it.

Her name is Samantha Summers and she’s pretty humble, but her dad, John will fill in the blanks.

“She’s into sports. She’s a volleyball player, she played softball, she’s a swimmer, she plays tennis, she’s an excellent student, and we’re just really proud of her,” he said.

And on top of all of that.

“She was one of the inaugural class of Eagle Scouts for girls,” he said.

In that class, she was the only one from Savoy.

“It’s just something we think is pretty special,” John said.

Pretty special, and pretty tough to achieve.

Summers had to hit several merit badge requirements, get approval from review boards, complete an eagle scout project and fill out all of the paper work that comes with it.

The Scouts said only about 5% of all members will ever reach the level of Eagle Scout. Making it an even bigger deal.

“We’re just really proud of her for that accomplishment, especially during the pandemic and everything to stick with it and continue on to do all of the tasks, meetings, and service project,” her dad said. “We’re just really proud of her.”

For Samantha, she welcomed the challenge. She was in girl scouts when Scouts BSA made the switch and she knew she had to be involved.

“With my Girl Scout Troop, we were never able to go camping or anything, and all the merit badges. Also, those were pretty cool to me, and there was nothing really like that in Girl Scouts, so I found it to be more interesting,” she said.

For other girls who want to get involved, she said, take the leap and soar.

“It’s going to be pretty difficult, and you might experience things you don’t really want to do, or you get tired of it, or you feel like an outsider, but if you really want to do it, I think you should just go for it and not really worry about not being able to do it,” she said.

Samantha had to complete a project to get to Eagle Scout. So, she helped out her church, Faith United Methodist church. With her troop, she helped to build them a coat rack and shoe cleaner for their new outdoor preschool. She said the church was extremely thankful.