Small firework sales booming


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — You’ve seen fireworks tents around central Illinois, but fireworks and most fountains aren’t legal here, without a permit. You can get sparklers, snakes and poppers. Regardless of the restrictions, sales for some are still booming.

Janet Townsley’s family owns two fireworks tents: one in Urbana and another in Champaign. They open their tents two weeks before the Fourth of July every year. She says they hit the ground running.

“Normally the first four or five days people either drive by and say, oh you know, they’re thinking they gotta come back, but this year we’ve already had a lot more sales this early in the game,” said Townsley.

Townsley says their fireworks sales have spiked so much, they’ve already had to order a second shipment for their tents.

“We’ve got about oh, 25 boxes of fireworks coming in, so that’ll help our sales too.” she explained. But she also attributes that to lots of repeat customers. “We have built a rapport with the people because they’ve been here for 26 years.”

State Senator Chapin Rose has been pushing for bigger fireworks to be legal in the state for years. He says it would especially help this year, by bringing in lost sales tax money because of the pandemic. He filed a bill last year in support of legalization. It hasn’t passed yet.

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