Skillicorn seeks do-over to Sandoval’s plan


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) wants legislators to repeal the current tax hike and infrastructure improvement bill in light of the FBI investigation into Sen. Martin Sandoval.

Skillicorn suggests lawmakers start over and draft “clean legislation” since Sandoval was the architect of the recent gas tax increase.

“There is no process in the infrastructure bill for which projects will be selected or which companies will be hired to do the work,” Skillicorn said. “Now we read that federal investigators have raided Sen. Sandoval’s house and his offices and that there are questions about potential kickbacks. We have no assurances that anything about this bill was above board. Let’s repeal it and draft clean legislation to provide taxpayers with a guarantee that their hard-earned dollars are not going to pad the pockets of connected insiders.”

Skillicorn complained a press release from Sandoval’s office following Governor Pritzker’s signing of the Capital Bill read, “Governor signs Sandoval’s $45 billion infrastructure improvement package.”

Skillicorn said, “Illinois residents deserve to know that the money they are paying in additional taxes is not going to take care of connected insiders and corrupt politicians. Let’s put the brakes on the Capital plan as it is currently worded and start over with a clean bill.”

Skillicorn said he will be filing legislation to repeal the Capital Bill which could be voted on during the upcoming Veto Session.

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