CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A shop in Champaign is closing its doors and owners are auctioning off everything inside.

“This is 15000 square feet and I started in 6 by 8 feet so its a pretty cool thing,” Andy Dallas, owner of Dallas and Company, said.

After 49 years of running Dallas and Company in Champaign, Andy Dallas closed his doors and is auctioning off the items inside.

“I began to look at this and say all these wonderful things that’s I’ve collected are now just things and I need to go on with my life as a retiree,” Dallas said.

Dallas is auctioning off the crazy things he has gathered over the years.

“I have a lobby board from the Harry Blackstone Show that’s come from the 30’s,” Dallas said. “I’ve got a gorilla that’s 12 1/2 ft tall and there’s only five in the world. I’ve got a clown that’s over 100 years old.”

There’s also a human skeleton in a real coffin for sale, some of the novelties cost thousands of dollars.

“I put a lot of great things around the place rather than to just a store or whatever,” Dallas said. “I wanted to make it an adventure and a place to come and just look over everything and just be amazed and I did that and its just been a wonderful trip.”

Dallas did just that. Around Halloween time he would create a mini walk-through haunted house just inside the store.

“I’ve had a great time in it,” Dallas said. “Never has it been a work, a labor of work. I come here everyday saying isn’t this the coolest thing.”

Now, he’s ready to retire. While the makeup, costumes, and giant figurines are up for grabs. He’s keeping his magic shop, but it’ll be in a different location.

“Its heartbreaking,” Dallas said. “Its a love hate thing. I absolutely loved being here and this was a real treasure for me and to see it go is hard, okay, but its time.”

He’s grateful for everyone who’s supported his shop for the past 49 years.

“I would really like to say that I thank all of the people here in Champaign Urbana area and all the people that came from all around to support this,” Dallas said.

There are smaller items up for sale as well. Bidding is open now. The auction ends January 17.