Should you still get tested for COVID if you’re vaccinated?


FORD COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The CDC said today if you’re fully vaccinated, you no longer have to wear your mask inside or out.

Here in Illinois though, a mask mandate remains in place. These changes have many wondering – should you still be getting COVID tested?

Health officials say it’s your personal choice if you want to get tested regularly, a stark difference from what we were being told a year ago.

I spoke with health officials from Ford County Public Health. They want to remind people that being fully vaccinated means waiting two weeks after your second dose or two week after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

They say that you should most likely get tested if you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID.

“You know, I would always call your doctor, get that recommendation from them and see what they think but it could also just be if you’ve been exposed and you just want peace of mind, then you can certainly go get tested as well,” said Megan Reutter, the community health educator for the Ford County Health Department.

They want to warn people that even if they get vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you won’t get COVID.

Officials say you should still take the proper precautions by washing your hands, wearing masks and making sure you socially distance.

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