WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WCIA) — The Macon County Sheriff’s Office said four children witnessed and escaped from a domestic violence situation last week that left their mother dead and their father, the suspected killer, hurt from a suicide attempt.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Office said their investigation determined that Tabitha Lourash, 41, was shot multiple times by her 57-year-old husband Jeffery Lourash, who then attempted to take his own life. Jeffery’s suicide attempt failed and he was taken to the hospital alive. He was formally arrested for murder on Monday.

Officials added that they determined Jeffery was in a physical altercation with his 17-year-old son before the shooting, which led to an initial 911 call. The teen ran upstairs and as he was doing so, officials said that’s when Jeffery shot his wife and then himself. Upon hearing the gunshots, the teen helped his younger siblings, ages 15, 13 and 11, escape the home through second floor windows and directed them to run to neighbors’ homes for safety.

Deputies arrived to find Jeffery lying in the living room and Tabitha in the kitchen. Their efforts to save Tabitha’s life were not successful. Jeffery was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to a Springfield area hospital. He is listed in stable condition and under constant watch by Macon County Sheriff’s deputies.

Jeffery was charged with first degree murder on Monday when a judge signed an arrest warrant. He will be transferred to the Macon County Jail upon release from the hospital; bond was set at $10 million. Officials said that the investigation is ongoing.

The Lourash children, meanwhile, are in the care of family members. The community is stepping up to assist the children with a pair of fundraisers – one administered by the city and another by a t-shirt designer.