Sheriff thinks bar break ins could be linked


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — On April 27th, a group broke into garage 2 tavern in Edinburgh. They raided the bar, stealing money from the video gambling machines, safes, and cash register. Kristie Van Dorn and her husband opened the bar two years ago.

“All the poker machines were completely demolished. They’d broken into the machine that dispenses the money,” Van Dorn said. “And they’d gotten into our dartboard. Our cash register was thrown onto the floor.”

The garage tavern joined a list of bars across Christian and Sangamon county that were broken into recently. Christian county sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp has reason to believe they are all connected.

“We believe the same crowbar the same type of crowbar with the same paint that was left over, they tried to get into the, to the building,” Kettelkamp said. “We’re working closely with the Illinois State police crime lab, and we’re hoping to be able to come up with some physical evidence.”

That list of bars includes copperheads in Pawnee. The bar burned down in the fire that took out a quarter of the town square last month. The clean up officially started today, but before the crews could get there, somebody went through and cleaned out the video gaming machines, and an atm.
When Van Dorn heard the crimes could be linked, it made it hurt that much more.

“It just creeps you out to know that they’re in there and they’re just kind of taking advantage of you,” Van Dorn said. “My husband was really heartbroken from it because we’ve only had the business for two years and, and we’ve put a lot into it.”

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