SHELBY COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Shelby County Farm was once a Poor Farm and was left to grow into weeds last year. Local volunteers invested their time and fuel and produced a crop.

Stuart Fox, a Shelby County farmer, offered to plant and care for the Shelby County Farm for a nominal $1. Many farms, businesses and neighbors helped Fox in this undertaking.

The volunteer efforts resulted in a profit of over $170,000 for the soybean harvest. Fox agreed to donate 100% of the gains to Shelby County for the benefit of local communities.

Shelby County officials said public donations covered the herbicide expense, and Stine Seed Company donated the seeds.

“The citizens of Shelby County who support farming the Shelby County Farm are thankful
to Stuart Fox for his strong leadership, unparalleled generosity, industrious work ethic and love for his community,” Shelby County officials said.

Officials said the farm is leased to a local farmer in 2023 as a result of Fox’s initiative.