Shed catches on fire


SOMER TOWNSHIP,ILL. (WCIA)- This family was celebrating fourth of July like any other when all of a sudden they saw smoke arise from their shed.

Michelle Miller who lives there was shocked.
“All of a sudden I had my mom call me says,” Miller. “She said that the fire and I mean I was trying to minimize the situation but there was no way I can do that”

The shed caught on fire around nine thirty Saturday night

The Eastern Prairie fire Protection District responded along with other local fire departments, and worked to put out the flames

Nobody was hurt. people living in the area say they say saw fireworks and smoke near the shed.

Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin shared this post on facebook to create awareness about firework safety.

Officials continue to investigate the cause of the fire.

“We lost a ton of stuff of course we lost my car my wallet was in there I had a bunch of soccer balls, blankets, and I had a couple dresses in there,” says Miller. “Besides that we had tons of equipment in there for working outside we had pool tables ping pong tables we had a little go kart in there, yeah it was a big lost”.

Officials have not confirmed if fireworks were the cause of the fire but say they’ll et us know once the investigation is complete.

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