DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Seven Point CEO Brad Zerman recently talked to officials of the City of Danville, proposing an idea to build a cannabis consumption lounge on top of a planned cannabis dispensary. 

In August 2021, Zerman and his team were informed that they had won a lottery to receive licenses to open a cannabis dispensary in Danville. They quickly secured a property located at 388 Eastgate Drive.

According to Zerman, the property would be transformed into a new two-story building. He said the dispensary would be on the first floor and if the City of Danville would approve it, there could be a lounge on the second floor for cannabis consumption.

The plan to have a new dispensary was approved last fall by the City Council. However, it has not been built, pending litigation against the state from people who did not win the lottery while trying to get licenses to open a cannabis dispensary. 

“A judge said last month that eventually we will get our licenses,” said Zerman.

The new dispensary would be across the street from the Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary in Danville. Zerman has a good relationship with the owner of Sunnyside.

“We have ties to the community already, through Sunnyside. We have also been working with a local architect as well as my design team in Chicago to start plans on drawing the building. So, we thought it is a good time to propose the lounge to the City,” Zerman said. “You know…to know if we need a second floor for the lounge or we do not need the second floor for the lounge before we go further into the project.”

The goal, according to Zerman, is to provide the information to the City so they could evaluate the proposal for the cannabis consumption lounge.

Zerman even visited the licensed cannabis consumption lounge in Mundelein and talked to the CEO to see how they have been running the place. 

“In the Mundelein lounge as well as the lounge that we propose, you would not be able to bring your own cannabis into the space, you would have to buy it from the dispensary or the lounge. That is one way for us to guarantee everything will be safe and lab-tested.”

Zerman stated that the lounge would look and function very similar to a bar. However, instead of selling alcohol and letting people consume alcohol, the lounge would sell cannabis. Alcohol would not be allowed. 

“From what we have learned, the most common way to get over-consumption is by mixing it (cannabis) with alcohol. That is just a recipe for disaster. So, there would be no alcohol in sight.”

And there would not be any edibles. 

Zerman said he understands people who take edibles sometimes are not aware of the amount that they take can be too much. 

According to Zerman, the staff working in the lounge would be trained to ensure the safety of customers. In addition, he said people who plan on going to the lounge would need to make a traveling plan ahead of time.

Two hours would be the time limit for people to stay and consume cannabis at the lounge.

“Right now, we will have to wait and see if there is enough interest in the area to do this,” said Zerman. “I hope there will be enough interest.”