Sentencing for 4th man in Gibson case

Weatherspoon sentencing

Update: 4:45 pm, 1/23/17, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — A Champaign man was sentenced to seven years in prison for taking part in the dismemberment of Ashley Gibson.

Four of six people involved in the case have been sentenced. Monday, it was for 25-year old Deundrea Weatherspoon.

He, along with four of five others, pleaded guilty. So far, every person involved has received the same seven-year sentence.

The next hearing is in February for Donte Meeks. He’s the only one who has pleaded not guilty. 

Original: 8:45 am, 1/23/17, Monday

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — The case continues for the men charged with dismembering the body of a Champaign mother last year. Monday, one more will learn his fate.

Most of the 6 men charged have pleaded guilty: That’s why they won’t serve the maximum 30-years for their role in dismembering a human body.

Before his sentencing, it’s already known Deundrea Weatherspoon won’t get more than 12-years.

The 25-year old pleaded guilty last month, but as part of his agreement, the first count of dismembering a human body will be dismissed and prosecutors agreed not to seek a sentence of more than 12-years.

Unlike many of the others, this is his first criminal offense. He’d previously been charged with reckless driving.

Next to be sentenced will be Davion Hedrick, who pleaded guilty as well, but he doesn’t have any agreements with the state as to what his sentence could be shortened to. He will be in court again next month.

Investigators say Hedrick was hosting a party last April at his house on Hedge Road. When Ashley Gibson died there, he called the rest of the group back to help get rid of her body. Police found Gibson’s dismembered body in Clinton Lake a week later.

Randale Banks, Reginald Logan and Javon Tate have all pleaded guilty and been sentenced. Each will get 7-years for conspiracy to dismember a human body; the charge for actually doing it was dropped in each case to get to the plea deal.

Each will get more than 200 days’ worth of credit for time served.

That just leaves Donte Meeks. As of now, his plea of not guilty still stands. 

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