CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — “It felt really good to see them and have that before I leave,” Nichole Millage, 4x Paralympian, said.

That’s because one athlete was given a send-off ceremony since she leaves for Tokyo tomorrow morning. Nichole Millage is heading to japan to represent Team USA in the Paralympics. She was shown some love by family, friends, and coworkers as they wished her luck before she leaves.

“More than anything, I’m just excited that I get to go. That I get to have that one last experience with my team,” Millage said.

The Paralympics games are now underway in Tokyo and one athlete received a send-off from her community before hopping on a plane to join her team.

“Well it was awesome! Again, they had very little time to put it together, but the City and my community have always been so supportive of my journey so I appreciate that so much and it was so good to see all my coworkers’ faces today and I know that they’re proud and I know that they’re happy for me,” Millage said.

Nichole Millage is now a four-time Paralympian for the USA Sitting Volleyball Team. She’s been to Beijing, London, and Rio, getting two silvers and one gold, but now she’s ready to defend her team’s title at her fourth and last Paralympics.

“There’s been a lot of challenges leading up to this, but we still have this same goal at the end of the day, which is to win gold. We want to defend our gold from Rio 5 years ago,” Millage said.

Millage was an alternate for the team. After some circumstances, Millage got a call saying she’s on the roster and to head to Tokyo.

“Getting told just a few days ago that I would be able to attend so I’m super excited to go meet up with the rest of my teammates and support them in whatever way that I can and just finish out my last games,” Millage said.

Now she’s ready to represent the USA for her last Paralympics and she’s encouraging people to watch and continue supporting Team USA.

“We need your support just as much as the Olympic athletes need it. We work just as hard. We put in just as much time. So to get that support would be great,” Millage said.

Millage leaves tomorrow morning for Tokyo. She hopes to return with another gold medal. If you want to catch some of the games, here’s the schedule for the USA Sitting Volleyball team while in Tokyo.

Matches will be shown on TV or online starting Mon, Aug 30th.
Sat, Aug 28th @ 2pm USA vs Rwanda (12am CT)
Mon, Aug 30th @ 6:30pm USA vs China (4:30am CT)
Wed, Sept 1st @ 6:30pm USA vs Russia (4:30am CT)
Fri, Sept 3rd – women’s semifinals @ 6:30pm (4:30am CT) & 8:30pm (6:30am CT)
Sun, Sept 5th – gold medal match @ 10am (8pm CT)